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Customer Testimonial

Cindy, Housewife

IIJIN is not limited by the restrictions of shoe shapes and breaks through the traditional idea of high heels. The shoes boost my confidence.

Christian, Housewife

IIJIN shoes may be high but they are very comfortable.

Miss Chan, Reporter

IIJIN is a blessing for petite women. There are other wedged sneakers but they are not as fashionable. The best thing is the invisible wedge. I have a lot of confidence when I wear them.

Annie Yuen, Trader/Business Person

The best benefit of IIJIN is that they make one feel tall. It is now much easier to match clothes.

Miss Shek, Buyer

IIJIN is the most comfortable of all invisible wedge sneakers.

Miss Kong, Housewife

IIJIN makes your legs look longer; beautiful and comfortable; can match with many outfits in my closet.

Mrs Leung, Housewife

A leader in fashionable shoes allows the wearer the beauty of height and they are comfortable too. It’s rare to find both these qualities in one shoe.

Miss Lee, Garment Industry

Makes my legs look longer which makes me more confident. Much easier to walk around in than high heels. And they’re cool.

Miss Yip, Tutorial Teacher

Very stylish, wearing them makes me feel confident.

Miss Kan

IIJIN makes my legs slimmer and makes me taller.

Miss Chan, Buyer

Wedge sneakers are very popular in China. If I want to buy wedge sneakers, I will always buy IIJIN.

Mrs Lee, Buyer

IIJIN shoes feel really good on the feet. A true gift to those who are petite.

Miss Kok, Sales Assosciate

IIJIN changes my body’s proportions making me look better.

Miss Ng, Banker

Wearing IIJIN shoes make me much taller and my legs much longer.

Miss Wong, Nutritionist

IIJIN makes me feel slimmer.

Miss Wong, Housewife

IIJIN makes me taller and they’re comfortable.

Miss Chan, Phleboltomist

IIJIN makes me feel tall and gives me confidence

Miss Lee, Beautician

After you wear IIJIN, you’ll look better in whatever you wear. I wear IIJIN everyday.

Elly, Student

IIJIN’s designs are very good which allows me to choose the right height for me. And they’re stylish,easy to wear. I just feel stylish when I wear them.

Miss Chiu, Beauty Consultant

IIJIN shoes make me feel tall and they are comfortable.

Miss Lee, Doctor

IIJIN’s shoes are stylish and casual. The invisible wedge and the Mukluks are very comfortable.

Miss Cheng, Voice Actor

I super like IIJIN’s invisible wedge!

Miss Cheng, Administrator

IIJIN’s invisible wedge is a great feature.The styles are not bad. I love the Steppers sneaker. They are a good match for my clothes everyday.

Miss Cheung, Financial advisor

IIJIN’s advantages are they look good and are easy to match.

Mr Lau, Freelancer

IIJIN’s best feature is the invisible wedge. I especially like the new light sole.

Monica, Network Marketing

IIJIN is the pioneer of invisible wedge shoes. Fashionable and practical. They make me taller and are very stylish.

Grace, Freelancer

IIJIN shoes are fashionable and easy to wear. The prices are good too.

Miss Shum, Beautician

IIJIN shoes are really cute. After wearing them, I feel tall and full of confidence.

Miss Ng, Finace Industry

Wearing IIJIN shoes makes my legs look good. They stretch my body’s proportions.

Miss Tong, Housewife

The new running shoes are very comfortable. The height of the shoes allow me to see better at concerts, let’s me chase after my favorite stars and look good.

Mr Lee, Insurance

IIJIN has stores on Hong Kong Island and Kowloon but none in the New Territories which make it a bit inconvenient. They’re great presents for my wife. We can wear matching shoes. Their Mukluk boots for kids are great for presents.

Priscilla, Clerk

The shoes have an invisible wedge. I love them because they’re tall.

Mr Chan, Buyer

IIJIN’s shoes are easy to match and makes a person much taller and full of confidence.

Miss Lee , Insurance Consultant

IIJIN makes my legs look longer. They are easy to match and make me feel confident.

Miss Cheung, Clerk

IIJIN’s shoes are easy to match and are more comfortable then I expected.

Miss Tsang, Online Investment

IIJIN’s shoes are fashionable and matches everything. The height is good and they’re comfortable.

Miss Tang, Beauty Consultant

IIJIN shoes are comfortable, makes my figure slimmer and are easy to match. A casual shoe for leisure.

Miss Chan, Clerk

A lot of celebrities wear IIJIN. Wearing IIJIN shoes make my legs look great and you can’t tell there is an invisible wedge. It’s hidden well.

Momoko, Local Snack Shop Owner

I have worn IIJIN for 10 years now. When I go try on clothes, I feel like a hobbit. Everything makes my legs look short.

Before IIJIN, I’ve worn many different wedge shoes but honestly, I don’t like people to see I am wearing wedge sneakers.

Eversince my friend introduced me to my first pair of IIJIN shoes, I’ve felt thatthe shoes were custom made for me. Not only is the invisible wedge perfectly hidden (people cannot tell I am wearing wedged shoes) but they allow me to walk very comfortably. The front of the sole is also well thought out allowing me to walk regularly without feeling I am going to fall forward. I wear IIJIN shoes to Shanghai’s XinTian Di (where all the cool people hang out) and I’ve been asked to have my picture taken by street fashion photographers many times. This has greatly improved my confidence. IIJIN!! My favorite!! My best choice!